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Resurfacing, But Only For A Moment

#queryfail - agents Twittering responses to queries. Spawned lots of backlash from authors; some are trying to get said agents fired. I am just lost. I still don't get the allure of Twitter, and I don't think I ever will--and I count myself in touch with technology. (Maybe it's the forced brevity. For one thing, I don't like being restricted to 140 characters. ^_^;)

In other news, I think I've found my first-to-query agent. Now, to finish the book(s)...


The stubborn decision to have only one POV may be what is hindering the book. *frowns* I shall have to approach this with an open mind. There may yet be only one POV, but I'd rather come to that conclusion after having weighed it against the other choices. Rewriting single scenes is preferable to rewriting an entire book.


Letter To Self

Dear Pomona,

Stop wasting time with the fanfiction. It's distracting you from your original work. You have two original short stories and one novel on your plate, all unfinished, and what are you doing instead of thinking about Planeswalker or its brethren? Attempting to write fics longer than the short stories and wasting time researching facts for those stories when you could be researching, plotting, or writing the originals? Time is not unlimited, even if you're not in a hurry. Get your act together. NOW.

No love,

Straight To Screen

A friend of a friend listened to me pitch Planeswalker, and then he said, "That sounds like it would make a fantastic movie or anime series." Do I want to tell Renoa's story in screenplay format, preferably for summer blockbusters? O_o

Opening: Draft One

Consensus from alpha readers: not good enough for an opening scene, and I have to agree--considering their reactions when reading (ranging from losing interest halfway to join a conversation, to "maybe this might be a little infodumpy", to "interesting, I'd be interested in reading on")--I would not use that scene as an opening. In hindsight, every single one of their comments stands. Oh well--live and learn. And I did get closer to Renoa and his father. I wonder what I should do with the deleted scene. *will probably archive it somewhere in case it's ever needed...*

Laying It Out

I wonder how much my betas will say "Renoa is just like you" when they finally get that first scene in draft/final form. I still have to write it, and I'm putting it off. I know why I'm avoiding the scene. It's going to be unpleasant, and it's going to bring up some old memories I'd rather not face. But it needs to be done, and the only way I'm going to be able to do Renoa and his story justice is if I dig deep into myself and pull it all out. This is going to be a very personal story, I suspect. *wince* Well. No time like the present. I can easily point to a person in my life for just about every character in this book. I sure hope none of them recognize themselves, that's all I can say.

First Scenes

After reading so many writing books and seeing more people give advice on how to begin a novel, I've made the decision to ignore their opinion and write the first scene the way I feel it should be written. My problem so far with starting was just how much backstory I needed to lay out on the reader by starting in the middle of the story. Maybe the scene I choose to write won't be included in the final edit, but right now it's important to me that it be written.

Of course, now that I'm burning with desire to write it, I have to go to work. Oh life.

Visualizing From Scratch

I was browsing wallpapers on Interfacelift, specifically the HDR section, when it hit me--some of these places would be absolutely gorgeous planes. I was having trouble visualizing nature-inspired vistas (not being very much of a nature person myself), and some of these pictures give me the sort of feeling one gets when you see something familiar and yet strange.

I'll probably think more about this, because I don't know how ethical or unethical this sort of thing is. Of course one credits when one gets inspiration from a particular source, but at the same time, how much is derivative, and how much is original?


Some of my friends have been going crazy over SketchUp, Google's 3D-modelling tool. I have to admit, it sounds like a good way to procrastinate. If I get hit with writer's block again, I might just mosey on over and give it a go so I can work on Planeswalker by modelling buildings and planes.

It's All About Writing

I have another blog, but I am posting this here because it needs to be somewhere I can reach it easily. The next time I stress myselef into writer's block, I need to remember Holly Lisle's words. I forget, sometimes, that it's about writing. Renoa's story needs to be told. I've lost sight of how much joy and satisfaction a well-written story brings me. I need to get back there. I want to.